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What We Care About

Capital Impact Partners helps people and communities reach their highest potential at every stage of life.

As a nonprofit organization and a certified Community Development Financial Institution with a national presence, Capital Impact Partners improves access to high-quality health and elder care, healthy foods, housing and education in low-income communities across the country. Our impact is built on a diverse and extensive network of alliances, our depth of experience and a cooperative approach. We partner with public and private organizations that are like-minded in mission and dedicated to long-term success.



Healthy Foods: 23.5 million Americans living in low-income areas lack access to a supermarket within a mile of their home. This makes it less likely for them to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, and therefore face higher risks of diet-related diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. We work with our partners to provide innovative, flexible financing to increase access to fresh, healthy foods in underserved urban and rural communities. As of 2012, we have disbursed more than $100 million to food retailers, producers and distributors to help expand access to healthy foods and create jobs.

Health Care: We finance community-based health care organizations to allow them to improve the quality of care they offer to individuals and families in underserved, low-income communities.

Education: We create access to capital with a focus on innovation and leadership in order to foster the development of accessible, high-quality educational facilities. We will facilitate the development of environmental sustainability within this market.

The GREEN HOUSE® Replication Project: We partner with organizations, advocates and communities to lead the transformation of institutional long-term care by creating viable homes GREEN HOUSE® homes that provide a home-like, caring atmosphere and foster a sense independence and well-being. We create and maintain tools, trainings, technical assistance service and networks that support organizations to adopt this model.

Long-Term Supports Innovations:  We create innovations in community-based approaches to aging that enable older Americans and people with disabilities to conduct their lives with maximum independence, dignity and connection with their communities. We assist in development of best practice community aging plans and grass roots initiatives such as the Village-to-Village Network.

Cornerstone Partnership: The Cornerstone Partnership is a peer network for home ownership programs that preserve long‐term affordability and community stability, helping more hard‐working people buy homes today, maintain those homes and keep them affordable in the future.


Capital Impact Partners has deployed $1.825 billion through 12/2012 to create: 

$657.7 million for community health centers that provide 1.5 million patient visits annually

$92 million for healthy food financing in over 71 locations

$598.2 million for high-quality charter school facilities creating 204,465 more school seats

$204.3 million for 35,406 units of multifamily homeownership or other affordable housing

$150 million for other community development enterprises

144 GREEN HOUSE® Homes operating on 34 campuses in 23 states

29,867 jobs for low-income individuals

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